Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Smart classroom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Smart classroom - Essay Example Therefore, this paper aims to take a critical view of the use of smart classrooms, and its effect on the teaching/learning process, highlighting both its challenges, and the possible means to address these. In order to provide a more coherent discussion of the topic of smart classrooms, the study has a six structure, aimed to fostering better understanding of the topic. Therefore, the first part analyses the issue of smart classrooms from the teachers’ perspective, while looking into the benefits brought about by smart classrooms, especially by augmenting collaboration between students throughout the process of learning. The second part of the paper analyses the composing elements of smart classrooms. Furthermore, the possible challenges that are likely to occur while trying to implement smart classrooms are discussed under the final part of the present paper. Before entering deeper into the field of modern education, and the issue of whether smart classrooms have changed the understanding of traditional education, we will first proceed with explaining what smart classrooms actually are. According to Huang, Hu, Yang and Xiao (2012) smart classrooms are a sort of advanced technology which is designed to improve the learning experience and the classroom environment, enhancing both the learning and the teaching process simultaneously, by means of the newly introduced learning technology. This technology, as further explained by Huang, Hu, Yang and Xiao (2012), consists of PCs, various programmes, materials, innovative listening gadgets, and audio-visual devices or networks. Following the same direction, other researchers (e.g. Di, Gang and Juhong, 2008) point to the importance that the newly introduced technology acquire, to such an extent that they have turned into a vital device; a tool that plays an effective role in transferring and exch anging information within the IT governed environment. An important aspect that is

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