Saturday, October 5, 2019

International Marketing - Hofstedes Cultural Framework Essay

International Marketing - Hofstedes Cultural Framework - Essay Example ( Air conditioner, refrigerator, tube-lights, bulbs, electric fans, heaters etc also come under the same definition. Since the contemporary age is the age of technological advancement, computerization, automation and mechanization, electronics goods and items have become an essential part of everyday life during the modern age and are used in offices, residences and all other institutions at large all over the world. Japan based world’s renowned electronic entrepreneur Hitachi Consumer Electronics Company is one of the supreme electronic organizations of the world, which maintain a wide range of products including air conditioners, refrigerators, heaters, switch-boards, juicers, grinding machines, domestic equipments, medical equipments, allergy diagnostics, automotive components and long list of electronics spare parts. Their consolidated sale is estimated around 10,248 billion Japanese Yen during the fiscal year 2006-07 ( Recently, it has also introduced computer accessories to provide the customers with high quality products related to information technology. â€Å"Hitachi Ltd. is pulling out of the household computer business in the latest shift among Japanese electronics makers to refocus their sprawling operations.† (GMA News TV) The Company has hired the services of nearly 400,000 employees working in hundreds of its branches in all parts of the globe, which wo rk very hard from dawn to dusk for the good name and fame of the company. It is therefore the products of Hitachi Consumer Electronic Company are thought to be the sign of high quality and the consumers in different countries of the world demand its products for office, domestic, commercial and industrial use. â€Å"The global parts procurement capability of Hitachi, coupled with its state-of–the-art manufacturing facilities, allows to realize

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