Friday, October 4, 2019

POV’s and Traffic Tickets Essay Example for Free

POV’s and Traffic Tickets Essay There are quite a few soldiers in Oahu, Hawaii that own POV’s (Personally Owned Vehicles), but many do not know the risk behind owning such dangerous tools. Yes, a POV is typically used as a form of transportation, but more reckless behavior tends to be the trend among younger soldiers. Reckless behavior such as texting and driving, drinking and driving, eating and driving, sleeping and driving, not wearing seatbelts, but the most dangerous of these behaviors is racing or speeding. As described previously young soldiers tend to show many signs of reckless driving one of which was racing or speeding, but you may ask yourself why racing and speeding? What reason might soldiers, especially younger ones, have for racing or speeding? Well it is quite simple. Many young soldiers have not fully POV’s and Traffic Tickets

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