Friday, October 18, 2019

Kentuckys Educational System; Argument by Definition, Evaluation, and Essay

Kentuckys Educational System; Argument by Definition, Evaluation, and Proposal - Essay Example This essay declares that education in Kentucky encompasses elementary school such as kindergarten to fifth grade, middle school also called junior high that starts from sixth grade to eighth grade, and high school starting from ninth to twelfth grade. The system also includes post secondary institutions. Many Kentucky colleges and schools have an accreditation of various Associations of Colleges and Schools in the region. However, Kentucky education suffers from a common negative stigma like other Southern states. This paper makes a conclusion that the system emphasizes on various levels where capacity building takes place. The initial focus is that of having individual officers, precisely from government management and planning teams are participating in remodeling the system. Also, organizational goals revolve around improving the overall effectiveness of the methods and incentivizing better teamwork in education. The other level includes that of developing public service reforms to have a fundamental national leadership while adapting to the respective administration circumstances. Lastly, the levels of external assistance from international and bilateral agencies need to have a long-term consideration leading into a critical transfer for skills, precisely within the fragile state of Kentucky. The development strategy can be prepared together with international education organizations focusing on the development of capacity across areas of quality and equity, leadership, organization, insti tutions, and knowledge generation.

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