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Ready Case Business Concept in Apple Inc.

Ready Case Business Concept in Apple Inc. Because the Ready Case is the latest version of iPhone products introduced by Apple Corporation, the main task of the management team is to ensure the implementation of the corresponding techniques, tools, and processes for coordinating the work on a new business idea (Bygrave and Zacharakis 26). Because the technological advances constantly invade the market, the task of the management team is to attract the customers within the shortest period of time. In particular, it is necessary to introduce core business objectives and strategies.Advertising We will write a custom case study sample on Ready Case Business Concept in Apple Inc. specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The management team is composed of three departments – the marketing department, R D department, and Quality Assurance Department. All these divisions should contribute greatly to the development and immediate distribution products (Barringer and Ireland 15). The fi rst step in launching the business concept involves organizing the advertising campaign. The marketing department, therefore, should work in cooperation with the R D department to grasp the entire idea about the Ready Case, including its advantages and disadvantages, as well as define which features are the most attractive ones for the buyers. With regard to the product description, the product will fit in a specific target group who searches for elegance, usability, and functionality. These features should be at the core of the business idea. The main task of R D department is to invest into the research on the mobile devices in related companies to assess the competitiveness of the proposed model and define what features should be presented during the advertising campaign. The second strategy should involve the development of new communication channels with the customers. Apart from creating the Internet posts and blogs, it is also possible to organize specialized crews that wil l work in the largest shops for conducting surveys. In this respect, the task of the marketing department is to develop a questionnaire that will be able to highlight the main customer’s needs and requirements. The questionnaire will specifically relate to the analysis of customer’s tastes and results. In addition, the management team can establish traditional and non-traditional retailing schemes. Finally, Quality Assurance department should take control of the production process to ensure that all the proposed features correspond to the official description. More importantly, the company should also introduce sufficient software for efficient information exchange between the consumers. The analysis of the project objectives should also be carried with regard to the quality standards. The managers of the department should also work on the development of new directions and strategies that will enhance the quality of the production.Advertising Looking for case s tudy on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Organizational Chart The efficiently structured organizational relations stand at the core of successful launching of a business idea into the market. The organizational chart, therefore, provides detailed information on the subordination schemes in a company. It also illustrates how a specific concept will be developed, as well as what responsibilities each department has to reach the objectives. The organizational chart presented below provides a clearer picture of the management team. In particular, the charts demonstrate the implementation of business plan is possible through coordination of three major departments – Marketing, R D, and Quality. As presented in the diagram, the marketing managers should be first to launch a new venture. They report directly to the advertising group and inform them about the main features that should be emphasized. The t ask of advertisers is to develop a creative concept that can be further advanced by the R D department. As soon as the idea is developed, the researchers should start conducting observations and scientific explorations to define what else could be advanced to attract the consumer demands. The data collected by this department is transmitted to the quality assurance specialist to verify the validity of the research. As soon as some pitfalls are detected, the Quality Assurance department provides corrections to the R D department for further analysis of the pitfalls. Finally, once the problems are defined and eliminated, the marketing department should introduce changes to advertising process, as well as distribute information through the established communication channels. Overall, the presented process creates the close cycle that is aimed at improving the business concept and increasing the quality of the product. The organizational chart, therefore, contributes to the expansion of the market segment and identification of potential buyers. Organizational Chart IS and Technology Plan Mission and Vision Statement The main scope of the venture consists in developing a multi-functional model for practical users who prefer using devices with built-in features (Bunton n. p.). The uniqueness of the product lies in a sophisticated synthesis of multiple functions and refined design of the Ready Case.Advertising We will write a custom case study sample on Ready Case Business Concept in Apple Inc. specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Needs Assessment The product is design for people who like travelling and want to take the minimum of items. Therefore, the proposed iPhone case should involve useful components that will allow the customer to get the maximum benefit from its application (Bunton n. p.). Technology Description With regard to the above-established mission and objectives, iPhone involves the following functions: Headphone clip to keep the things tidy. USB drive performs several functions. It can be used for its primary purpose to load information from the laptop and serve as kickstand for the iPhone with an adjustable angle. Quick snap functions can also be adjusted to a variety of lenses. Built-in knife is also a benefit for those who are fond of extreme travelling. The width of the device is only 3 mm. The phone is waterproof and it can be taken with consumers everywhere. IPhone is also very easy to use. Objectives Because the main purpose of a business venture is to attract the customer group that is interested in using multi-functional and reliable products while travelling, the main objectives are the following: Create a product that should be of high quality and at a moderate price; Introduce high level of usability; Combine functionality with refined design; Define a new customer base with specific needs and requirements; Create a technical support team for consumers to be able t o ask questions concerning the usage of the device; Ensure professional training to the employees; Budgeting and Rationale The company should introduce appropriate budgeting to rearrange the production process and train the employees. The marketing and financial departments should be responsible for investing resource in research and development of new models, as well as introducing training programs for the employees. The advertising campaign should also be taken into consideration. Finally, there should also be resources for statistical data analysis, which can be efficiently introduced through high quality. Barringer, Bruce and R. Duane Ireland. Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures. US: Prentice Hall, 2008. Print. Bunton, Cam. â€Å"Ready Case: The Ultimate All-in-one case for the iPhone 5†. Today’s iPhone. 2012. Web. Bygrave, William D. and Andrew Zacharakis. Entrepreneurship. US: John Wiley and Sons, 2010. Print.Advertising Looking for case study on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More

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