Friday, February 28, 2020

Advise Brian as to the application of EU law on the free movement of Essay

Advise Brian as to the application of EU law on the free movement of goods to this situation - Essay Example According to the case presented, Brian is a recognized trader in these items and has dealt them for years. Having sold the products for ten years, one would judge Brian as an experienced manufacturer and supplier of these materials. The free movement of goods treaty aims at restricting limitations to trade between member states of the European Union and compliance is key for a good relation for the different states. France as a state is part of the treaty and is bound by the treaty to comply and eliminate any restrictions that are developed either by its domestic suppliers of Power Saws or by legislation that seeks to create a discriminatory effect to the trade aspects of the EU. A number of cases exist on the aspects of discrimination in trade because of legislative effects of member states of the European Union. These include the following. According to a case as per Schmidberger, case Case C-112/00 on free movement of goods vs. protection of fundamental right1. According to this case, respect of fundamental rights of persons in the different states is part of the responsibility that the states have. The free movement of goods into and out of France needs not affect the livelihood of the people especially their health. Considering the health aspect attached to the case, the rights of protection on health aspects for the people is the mandate of the government that limits the exposure as per the goods in relation to the PSs. The free movement of goods relates to the removal of barriers from the market free trade to exist2. Brian is a manufacturer within the UK, which is part of the European Union. He manufactures goods that qualify for sale on the European Union and that explains the reasons why he has for ten years supplied the goods in UK and Germany markets and all these have appreciated his products. Among the facts involves the position of France as one of the European Union members,

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