Friday, November 1, 2019

Experience of Pine Point Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Experience of Pine Point - Assignment Example The PinPoint narrative is mostly similar to the traditional documentary formats. It is expository. Expository documentary formats have voiceovers accompanied by videos or images that counterpoint or prove a point. In the Pine Point documentary, for example, under the title ‘Ends and Odds’, there is man’s voice describing the features of the town of Pine Point. There is then a video showing these features as the voice speaks. The videos and the images that are shown during the voiceovers provide evidence of the features and activities of Pine Point. The Pine Point documentary also has observational mode sessions. The observational mode is where there are no voiceovers, no interviews, the documentary maker is not shown, and the subject pretends that he or she is not being filmed. Under the title ‘town’, this mode of documentation is evident. There are just video shots of the location. The documentary is also similar to a book format. At the end of the p resentation, it is indicated that the documentary was meant to be a book. Even so, from the beginning to the end, one can recognize the introduction and the chapters which are typical of book writing or academic reports. 3. What did the experience make you feel about the town? I feel confused because I do not understand how a whole town could just vanish. In one of the chapters, a Pine Pointer revisited the town and found out that not much had changed. The houses were still there. This could only mean that the lost town story is fiction.

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