Friday, November 8, 2019

Cellular phone as a help to it essays

Cellular phone as a help to it essays Communication between one place and another has always been a problem, but as technology advances, the telephone has been developed to allow users to be able to communicate with each other over long distances. But the telephone does not permit users to utilize it outdoors since it is tied down by phone lines, so a technology-the cellular phonewas invented for better mobility. Cellular phones have changed our lives dramatically. They provide us with extra safety and comfort and with the immediate ability to call 911 in the event of trouble, as well as give us discreet access to contact in case of personal danger. Cellular phones offer the ability to reach out for help from any place and at any given time. There is no doubt that wireless devices are becoming increasingly popular and more and more intelligent. Recently, there are controversies over the purpose and use of the cell phone, some disagree and dislike the fact that cell phones are used while people are driving or at school; t herefore, bans have been imposed. However, one must take into account the security a cell phone provides to its user in cases of emergency. It is much faster and more efficient to call for help; the cell phone saves time to call for help, and ultimately helps saves time and lives. Cell phones are more a help than a hazard, and are not dangerous at all; in fact, they provide necessary usage and safety to their users. The first telephone was invented on March 10, 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. Since then the basic concept of the telephone was further enhanced in 1947 and has continuted to develop into what it is today. The creation of the telephone then led to the invention of the more mobile and verisitile version of itthe cellular phone. As a direct result of the telephone, the Internet was later created in the late 1970's. The cellular phone has helped shorten communication barriers through the utilization of wireless waves...

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