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Essay On Mass Media - 1277 Words

Delores Alston HUM/186 September 25, 2017 Allyson Wells INTRODUCTION Mass Media reaches a large part of our audiences today, whether it be from the movies, advertising, the internet, newspapers, magazines, twitter, you tube, Instagram, Facebook and so forth and because of this it can affect how we think and believe, both personally and as a society. Today, I will address three specific areas that product mass media channels have been used and has made a difference, either to me personally, or in society in general. A biography of D. W. Griffith, film director of â€Å"The Birth of a Nation.† The channel of mass media is PBS or specifically, American Masters. 1. In what way did your example shape, change, or reinforce†¦show more content†¦So yes, it did, and still can shape and change, the part of our society that has turned against such hatred. These days, it only needs a spark. The second choice is â€Å"Empire† a television series that plays weekly. The product mass media channel is, twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and that is due to people wanting to be a part of the action. Because the networks are creating more shows where you can use your DVR viewing, this can mean the difference between 100 episodes to 10 for social media. 1. In what way did your example shape, change, or reinforce your own cultural values? This was a change in my cultural values, Empire has a lot of sexual issues in their episodes and It doesn’t portray who or what I stand for, therefore it made me feel like I must explain myself, or express my values. If you read some of the responses on twitter and face book, it can get nasty and yet, not all responses are bad, it’s just the language they can use on these channels. 2. In what ways do you think they shape, change, or reinforce the cultural values of our society in general. It’s obvious that it has changed how society use to be. When there wasn’t anyone of these outlets, society tried to watch what they said, and how they said it, but now, when you have a channel where you can freely express and show your other side, it has become a welcome mat for a group in society that doesn’t see the wrong in what they say or do. The third choice is Dancing with the Stars, a show that comesShow MoreRelatedMass Media Essay720 Words   |  3 Pages Mass Media: Development and Literacy Assignment Emily Lewis Horne University of Phoenix HUM 186 October 30, 2017 The Major Developments of the Mass Media In the textbook, Media and Culture: Mass Communication in a Digital Age, written by Richard Campbell, it talks about wat mass media is and the mass media developments. It said, â€Å"The mass media are the cultural industries—the channels of communication—that produce and distribute songs, novels, TV shows, news- papers, movies, video gamesRead MoreMass Media Essay1114 Words   |  5 PagesMass media has been around for decades and it has grown more rapidly as technology advances. It started with telegraphs and eventually turned into televisions, newspapers, cell phones, magazines, and the internet. The purpose of mass media is to provide news/information, education, and entertainment. With these purposes, comes the influence of all the information we are exposed to. Most might say that mass media has had a positive impact on society as it’s made communication and information easilyRead MoreMass Media Essay827 Words   |  4 PagesUnderstanding the media and w hat media literacy entails is an important trait that everybody should learn. There were a few developments in the evolution of mass media that took place in the past century. Mass communication first started in the earliest of society which started the written and oral communication era. In this time information was passed down through oral traditions by teachers or story-tellers. As time passed and more stories were told the alphabet and written word finally were createdRead More Mass Media Essay1714 Words   |  7 PagesMass Media Have you ever had an original thought? Why do we dress the way we do, watch what we watch or even live the way we do. Through our means of entertainment, it is almost a guide in how one should live their life. With the technology we have in our world we are persuaded to believe what is right and what is wrong. Although we create our own world, our thoughts were imposed upon us since the day we are born. â€Å"What if the world is some kind of show. What if we are only talents assembledRead MoreMass Media Essay892 Words   |  4 Pages Mass Media: Development and Literacy Option A HUM/186 Nichole LeBlanc 12/04/2017 This week we learned about the different types of mass media and the formation of them. We were given insight into how much the media has changed over time and how it affects our daily lives. Over the course of history, there has been many types of media that have come about. In the last century, some of the major developments in the evolution of mass media wereRead MoreEssay On Mass Media777 Words   |  4 PagesAhsha Rolle 8/28/2017 HUM/186 Allyson Wells Mass Media: Development and Literacy Assignment What were the major developments in the evolution of mass media during the last century? In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Americans received their news through newspapers and magazines. Television journalism has just taken over in the last 50 years. Today, the internet makes information and news available at the click of a button. The internet also plays a role in politics, and candidatesRead MoreMass Media Essay1172 Words   |  5 Pagesof the police department would be eliminated, but due to a common council comprised of only one black, and very conservative reflecting the fear of the still majority white communities played on reports of crime exacerbated by the main stream news media, intensified enforce and repression of the black community (Elkins qtd. in Stone 107 Widick 153-156). One notorious element of the police department, that is still talked about today, is the â€Å"Big Four,† a patrol unit consisting of four large whiteRead MoreMass Media Essay739 Words   |  3 Pages Mass Media: Development and Literacy Alex Mitchell HUM/186 September 25,2017 Allyson Wells Mass Media: Development and Literacy Mass media has come a long way the past century. What started as books, newspapers, and magazines being the only way to receive any news or messages, has developed into much more than that now. The major developments in the evolution of mass media during the last century have literally changed our world and the way we get our information. These developmentsRead MoreEssay on Mass Media1405 Words   |  6 Pages1. There are different forms of social media, each with a primary purpose. For example: Bloggs: Is web site base with no online membership. Internet users post short articles, and press releases. This media is capable of reaching large audiences through texting, Video images, and links to other related media. Social Net Working Sites: yet another popular virtual community, such as, My Space, and Face book. Both sites can be used to upload pictures, videos, post messages, and create a personalRead MoreEssay on Mass Media2735 Words   |  11 PagesMass Media is a major part of the everyday lives of American citizens. Mass media provides the public the means for obtaining information, and knowledge about various aspects of life such as the economy, foreign affairs, weather, entertainment, crimes, and last but not least, politics. †The media are key institutions in our society. They affect our culture, our buying habits, and our politics. They are affected in turn by changes in our beliefs, tastes, interests and behavior†(Biagi, 11). The media

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